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Manufacturer of luxury tractors and farm machines
2013-10-11 17:12:42   

Tractor is a small tractor. Europe and the United States called the garden tractor. By the engine, chassis, electrical system is mainly used for traction and transportation of the multifunctional walking machine. Walking tractor can travel on the engine power through the transmission system, driving wheel drive torque through the tire and tire surface to ground small, backward horizontal force (Qie Xianli), the reaction is to push forward the driving force for driving the tractor (also known as the Fed propulsion). Simple structure, less power, suitable for small farmland. The driver on the armrest frame control mechanism, traction or drive supporting tools for work.

Characteristics: This product has the characteristics of high power, small volume, light weight, easy starting, low oil consumption, good reliability, convenient repair operation, wide application, supporting power is widely applied to the walking tractor, an agricultural tricycle, water pump, generator, small ships, mill, small engineering machinery and other machinery.

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