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ChangZhou DingFa Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.
ChangZhou ChaiTuo Power Tiller Co.,Ltd.

Address: No.19 Shuanglong Road,Jintan Economic Development Zone,Changzhou
Contact : Mr. Zhou HanLin
About Us
Chai tow tractor Ltd. Changzhou ( Changzhou Ding Fa Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. ) , located in No.19 Shuanglong Road,Jintan Economic Development Zone,Changzhou, the company covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters , construction area of ​​over 8000 square meters , existing professional technical staff of 40 people, including eight senior titles , mainly produces diesel drag licensing boards and tripod series tractors and rotary machines, as well as supporting the farm . Has been formed with an annual output of 30,000 tractors and 20,000 units rotary tiller production capacity. The company also set up a special investment cooperation with tractor diesel engine plant , producing 6 hp to 30 hp single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, performance and stability.
The company's high starting point, strict requirements , management standardization . Continuously improve the overall quality , creating brand , tree corporate image. Through ten years of operation , Chai tow card, tripod licensing tractors , rotary machines and other products have been gradually recognized by farmers , the market has a certain reputation , the company has won the China Quality Inspection Association awarded the " IMPACT Fuyou protection enterprise ","
Agricultural market well-known enterprises in Jiangsu Province , " the title of honor , and received ten national patents . Luoyang Tractor Research Institute with the company for many years , China Agricultural Machinery Institute , tractors and other research units and organizations learn cooperation and exchange , to grasp our new tractor industry technologies, new processes , making the company's product quality continuously improved over the years the company's tractor products relying on excellent performance, reliable quality and excellent reputation, selling domestic and exported to the world more than 30 countries and regions.
The company has a tractor and rotary tiller assembly lines each one , test bench , 2 sets of various technical file is correct , complete and inspection gages basically complete , complete, equipment and tooling to meet production needs . Companies pay close attention to the whole process of product quality control , and resolutely do not substandard parts into the plant , substandard products and resolutely not allowed to leave the factory. Civilized production , balanced production . Tractor production and sales last year reached 15,000 units , rotary tiller reached 7,000 units, greatly exceeded the annual target .
In the current highly competitive market , in order to remain invincible , we must continue to strengthen management , improve quality , the good intentions products, dedication to customer service , only to have the brand rooted in the hearts of farmers , business vitality . Substantial increase in line with thinking companies to compete on the basis of last year, there is a higher leap , an update on the steps , there is a greater development.
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